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We are moving into yellowjacket season, and that can be a problem in some backyards. Believe it or not, yellowjackets are really good guys throughout the season. They eat a gazillion pest flies and caterpillars that would normally harass us. Then fall arrives.


The problem comes because their other value to us is their helping clean up the world as they eat decomposing stuff, which includes food around the picnic table. During the season, they are not aggressive and will seldom bother anyone unless threatened. In September, however, they begin to starve to death, which makes them kind of cranky. Honeybees store food to survive the winter. Except for the yellowjacket queen, the rest of her colony simply dies from lack of food – not one of Mother Nature’s kindest programs. That is why yellowjackets become more aggressive in September.


Yellowjackets are a little bigger than honeybees and honeybees don’t hang around picnic tables and trash cans.


Here are 10 steps that a family can take to avoid encounters in the first place:


1. Move slowly and deliberately. Yellowjackets have poor eyesight and are provoked by sudden movement.

2. Don’t wear perfume, hairspray, suntan lotion, deodorant or aftershave outdoors; So you smell bad for a few weeks.

3. Don’t go barefoot, especially in weedy areas or on the lawn.

4. Wear white or pastel rather than brightly colored or patterned clothes.

5. Check wet towels around the pool for yellowjackets looking for a drink.

6. Drink juice and soft drinks from covered containers, with a straw. Immediately throw away the empties.

7. Cover meat and sugary picnic food. Do not feed pets outdoors.

8. Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids. Wash them to reduce odor.

9. Cover any food scraps in the compost pile with mulch or leaves.

10. Clean up food spills right away.


Here’s the hard part if you are wary of yellowjackets. If a solitary yellowjacket lands on you, sit quietly. While it is difficult to remain cool in this situation, you need to resist the urge to brush it off or to jump up screaming. Wait until it flies away, which it will.


If you do have a picnic or party planned in the backyard, you can help control yellowjackets by rigging three or four of the disposable yellowjacket traps available in home centers and garden centers. They have a smelly lure that attracts the insect to the trap. You place the traps around the periphery of the party area one or two days before the party. Then bring on the food.


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