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Why are yellow jackets more plentiful (and bothersome) in the fall?  Yellow jacket colonies are started in spring by an overwintering queen who does all the work until a first generation of workers emerge. In late summer, a new generation of reproducing male and female yellow jackets emerge to mate. A new queen looks for a place to spend the winter while the old queen and her colony die off.

Colonies are most dangerous in the fall when they're at their largest. It could be that yellow jackets are also more aggressive in fall because they know their days are numbered. Most are eliminated after a hard freeze. Those living underground may take a little longer to perish.

In Michigan, stinging insects most likely to be a problem are in a group called vespids, consisting of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. They're the ones that make paper-like nests by chewing up wood and mixing it with their saliva. European paper wasps fall into this category and are responsible for umbrella-shaped nests beneath deck railings, under grill covers, behind shutters and in wood piles.

There is also a type of yellow jacket commonly known as ground hornets. They're a very aggressive insect that build nests underground. If you inadvertently step on the nest opening while working in the garden or mowing the lawn you likely will get stung. People who disturb a ground nest typically don't realize it until they've been stung a few times.

(Article source: Attack of the yellow jackets: Aggressive behavior peaks this month by John Hogan/The Grand Rapids Press on Sept. 22, 2013)


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