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Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Guaranteed Dry Guys  586-294-3111 is a provider of 24-hr. water restoration services in Macomb County, the Grosse Pointes, and eastern Oakland County.  Our 24-hour emergency phone number is 586-294-3112.


Liberty Services of America uses TES - Thermal Energy System and E-TES directed heat drying systems for water drying.


Warning!  Don't call any restoration company until you've read this free Consumer Awareness and Emergency Planning Guide available on our website www.liberty-services.com.  You will discover 7 Important Things Everyone Should Know In A Water Damage Emergency.


Actions to Take When Water Damage Occurs


Broken pipes, leaky appliances, and heavy rainstorms can teach an unexpected lesson on the destructive power of water. One unforeseeable release of water and suddenly your home and furnishings are in serious peril. A little knowledge about what to do, combined with quick action, can help salvage your home and personal items.


In most cases, only a professional can repair water-damaged flooring and furnishings. Do not attempt to treat these items yourself. Doing so may only contribute to the problem and cause further damage.


The IICRC recommends the following actions to minimize water damages while waiting for help to arrive:


First and foremost, stop the water leak and attend to the obvious safety hazards, such as electrical shock and personal injury from slips and falls.


Increase airflow with open windows, fans, and heating and air conditioning systems.


Open doors, drawers, cupboards, and closets to maintain optimal air circulation and promote drying.


Move furnishings out of wet areas or protect furniture legs from absorption and damage with triple-folded aluminum foil.


Hang up draperies and pin up upholstery skirts to prevent water rings; allow leather items to dry at room temperature.


Wash wet clothes, sheets, and linens immediately and hang cleanable fabrics up to dry.


 Do NOT store damp items in plastic bags where mold can grow.


Contact a professional water restoration firm to preserve your home and furnishings from the destructive effects of water. Trained technicians, using professional inspecting and drying equipment can identify hidden water pockets and dry both your structure and furnishings to acceptable industry standards.


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