Spider control treatments Macomb County MI 48026 48314 48236: Spider Facts

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We offer treatments for spider control,  ant control,  mosquito control, and stinging insect control.


Here are some interesting facts about spiders:


 1. Some spiders on the Island of Nassau tie trees together to create webs that catch flying birds.

 2. All spiders produce silk.

 3. Not all spiders produce webs.


 4. All spiders produce venom. The potency varies from species to species.

 5. Eggs take two weeks to several months to develop. It depends upon the weather and the species.

 6. The female wolf spider produces the egg and carries it.


 7. Generally, spiders live 1 to 2 years.

 8. Spiderlings are young spiders that stay inside the egg sac after hatching until they are ready to emerge.

 9. Spiders dwell where they can readily capture insects for meals and try to harbor where they can avoid being eaten.


10. Some 50-plus years ago, spider control was very effectively implemented by power spraying the sides of structures with dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) – which generally lasted at least two years, even on the side of a high-rise hotel situated next to a lake. The lights in the hotel would bring in the night flying insects by the hundreds, making control essential. Now we rely on an environmentally sound integrated pest management (IPM) approach.



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