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Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control  586-294-3111 provides professional extermination services in Macomb County, eastern Oakland County,  the Grosse Pointes, and up the coast to Algonac and Harsens Island in St. Clair County. 



Prevention is always the first line of defense when keeping pests at bay. A good rule of thumb to remember is location, location, location — bugs think about that just like we do when they’re looking for a new place to live. Take away their food and water sources, and they’ll look somewhere else.

Here are some handy tips to help keep your home pest-free:


1. Keep eating in the kitchen. Crumbs can be a tasty meal for all kinds of pests, so make it a habit to eat in one spot and thoroughly clean up afterwards.


2. Do the dishes. Putting them off or letting them soak for prolonged periods isn’t just icky, it’s a banquet that beckons even the most discerning bugs. Wash, rinse, and repeat tomorrow.


3. Seal it up. Keep all items and frequently used items in re-sealable, airtight containers.


4. Wipe them down. Bottles and jars with sticky residue left around their rims can prevent the container from sealing properly and opening an opportunity for an unwanted pest.


5. Suck it up. Vacuum, sweep, and quickly mop spills before they become an irresistible point of attraction.


6. Put it away. Toss it. Donate it. Where there’s clutter, there will be bugs. Be sure to maintain neat, clean, and organized living and storage areas; and bugs won’t see a welcome mat.


7. Recycle with care. Wash out your recyclables before you toss them into your bin.


8. Be "Type A" about your trash. Wash out your trashcans once a month and keep secure lids on them.


9. Be shelf-ish. Make it a habit to store everything at least six inches off the floor.


10. Baby, it’s cold outside. Bugs, rodents, and other pests want to come in when it’s cold. Caulk and seal any exterior openings and re-glaze windows. You’ll keep heat in and everything else out!



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