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Steps you can take for managing spiders:


1. Put exterior lighting on motion detectors or mount lights away from the buildings, shining them at the doors or signs. This will pull the night insects away from the structure and thereby pull the spiders away as well. In residential accounts, garage doors cannot be sealed. By keeping night lights on by garage doors, it guarantees you are going to get spiders in the garage.


2. Airflow into buildings via doorways and large-mesh screening must be managed. Solutions include rescreening with fine mesh and/or using negative air pressure.


3. Keep shrubbery to a minimum adjacent to all structures.


4. Avoid clutter and debris stored near and adjacent to structures.


5. Plug or screen weep holes, which serve as excellent spider harborages and entrance ways. Note, sometimes they might not be able to be plugged.


6. Inspect hollow pipes on patio chairs, unopened patio umbrellas and mailboxes, which are known to harbor spiders.


7. Gas grills have fluted pipes, which serve as ideal spider harborages. In the early spring, clean the tubing out with a small spider brush.


8. Before bringing inside something that has been sitting outside for a long time, inspect it for spiders. In states prone to hurricanes, this is especially important. Likewise, have homeowners check firewood carefully for spiders and other insects before bringing it into their houses.


9. Minimize moisture and adequately ventilate crawlspaces. This discourages both spiders and insects.



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