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Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control  586-294-3111 provides professional extermination services in Macomb County, eastern Oakland County,  the Grosse Pointes, and up the coast to Algonac and Harsens Island in St. Clair County. 


If you have seen rodents at your home or business, or suspect you may have these unwanted visitors, don't delay taking action!  It is imperative to get control of the situation as soon as possible.  Mice breed rapidly.  A house mouse can breed when it is 35 days old, and can have its own first litter of up to eight pups by the time it is 60 days old.


Mice are good at climbing and jumping.  They can jump about a foot straight up, and can jump down more than six feet without getting hurt.  Mice can quickly  climb straight up an eight-foot wall of brick or wood paneling in less than half a minute.


If you see mice, or other rodents, or their signs such as droppings in your house or business, don't panic.  The best thing to do is call us.  We can help determine what rodent(s) you may have, where they are, and the extent of any problem.


To schedule the best residential and commercial rodent control, call Spider Man Pest Control at 586-294-3111.

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