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Pet issues that are costly to their loving owners:


The color of your pet: If you are at the point where you are purchasing a new carpet, the first thing, and probably the most important characteristic you want to consider, is the color. Why is this? Because when your pets have accidents on the carpet, you don’t want it to stain as easily or show a stain. But color applies to more than just the control of stains. Take a look at the color of your pet and at how much fur your pet sheds. If your pet has dark fur, then you would want a darker shade of carpet so that the shed fur will blend in until you are able to vacuum. Your carpet must be regularly vacuumed, even more so when you own cats or dogs.


Shedding: One advantage of carpet with pets is that it keeps hairballs from forming in the corners of a room as is the case with hard surface floors. That’s not to say that the dander and fur are not there, but you can at least wait a day or so before vacuuming.


Digging/kneading: Remember, some dogs like to dig and some cats like to knead carpeted surfaces with their claws. So if your pet likes to do these activities, make sure you buy a carpet without large loops because their claws can get caught in them. Also consider that trying to keep a cat from scratching is trying to suppress a part of its very wiring by nature. A cat is going to scratch.


Urinating/Spraying: Some carpet manufacturers have resistant backings that can keep fluids such as pet urine from damaging the floor underneath, but there is not much protection against pet urine on the surface. Pet urine can either react immediately with carpet or show up after several months, so the more you can keep a pet from urinating on the carpet, the better. If this behavior persists, the carpet, padding, and sub-floor become infected with urine.


OILS!: Pets secrete oils from their fur and feet that leave a residue on your carpets and flooring surfaces. This oily residue also penetrates deep into upholstered furniture, contributing to the accumulation of smelly, hard-to-clean soil deposits.


SMELLY ODORS!: Many pet owners do not realize that their home has an odor problem because their sense of smell becomes acclimated to the malodors over time. Guests can tell immediately if you have a pet unless you’ve been very diligent with cleaning. That’s where we come in! The oils from fur have a distinctive odor. Have you ever gone into someone’s home that smells like “dog” or “cat”? All pets secrete an oily residue that gets on your furnishings. This is why it is so important to eliminate the cat urine odor or dog urine odor.



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