Pest Control in Lenox MI 48048, New Haven 48050: Atypical food sources for insect infestation

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If you have a persistent, unidentified pest infestation, consider some of the following atypical food sources that sustain stored product pests:


  • Stuffed animals can be filled with grains (wild or damaged) that can become infested.  When the adults develop, they'll emerge from the toy and can then be spotted by the homeowner.
  • Handcrafted items such as doorstops, table arrangements and wall hangings can contain grains, seeds, beans and corn kernels.  These items might be placed in an around the kitchen and pantry, making it difficult to identify them as the culprits.
  • Rodent baits formulated with meal and/or seeds are attractive to some insect pests.  When inspecting bait stations, look for minute signs of damage.
  • Vending machines can be responsible for sustaining a stored product pest infestation.  Some unpopular food items might sit for long periods of time without being apparent to anyone other than the person responsible for stocking the machine.


(Article source Pest Management Professional, Dr. Bennett Jordan)


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