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Springtails are minute, six-legged arthropods.    Many are less than one mm in length, and depending on the species, they may be black, gray, white, brown, yellow or even pink in color.  They are readily recognized by their habit of jumping into the air when disturbed.  They possess a forked appendage on the rear of the abdomen which they can cock under their body and suddenly release, propelling them into the air.  They occur universally in moist soil and at times may be very numerous in and around the home.

Springtails become nuisance pests due to their ability to build up to extremely large populations levels in a short period of time.  Almost any moist, decaying material will provide suitable shelter for springtails.  Some springtails are capable of reproducing at temperatures as low as 40o F, and others, known as "snow fleas" will be active on top of snow during early spring.

In homes, springtails are found in damp places such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, around plumbing and in the soil of potted plants.  Since springtails require moist, humid conditions, increased ventilation of infested areas will make them uninhabitable.  Any means of increasing air circulation, such as a fan, will keep air moving and provide the necessary drying effect. Repair of plumbing problems, or elimination of other moisture problems is essential to reducing humidity, and the resultant springtail infestation.  If possible, potted plants should be allowed to dry between waterings.

Insecticides are particularly useful in quickly reducing extremely large numbers of these pests.  Call the professionals at Liberty Services at 586-294-3111 for assistance with controlling springtails and other pesky bugs. 

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