Pest Control, Spider & Ant Control in Harrison Twp MI 48045: Smelly Bugs, Ants and Spiders are Hiding Inside your House

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Do you want to keep bugs from spending the long, cold winter indoors with you?  Autumn is the perfect time to take preventative measures to apply outside treatments to your home BEFORE they enter the voids inside your walls.  However, as stated in a February, 2016 article in The Macomb Daily, insects that have gained access to and are wintering in your walls will squeeze through a small crack and enter your home when the temperature inside a sun-warmed, south or west wall climbs above 50 degrees.  The insects believe that spring has sprung. 


The problem with applying a pest treatment at this juncture, is that pesticides don't work well on insects going in and out of dormancy.  The reason is that the insect's "motor" isn't running right and they do not metabolize the pesticide.


The best thing to do for occasional winter invaders, such as stink bugs, box elder bugs, or Asian lady beetles is to vacuum them up. 

(The Macomb Daily 2-21-16.  Gretchen Voyle for Digital First Media).


Spiders and ants can be effectively treated inside the home during the winter.  For best results, call a professional exterminator. 


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