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Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control 586-294-3111 provides professional pest control services in Macomb County, eastern Oakland County, the Grosse Pointes, and up the coast to Algonac and Harsens Island in St. Clair County.


We offer treatments to control spiders, ants, stinging insects, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, including earwigs and centipedes.


Earwigs require moist, cool places and are found in damp crawl spaces, flower gardens near the home in mulch, compost piles, trash, under boards and in wood piles.  After entering houses, they feed on sweet, oily or greasy foods or houseplants.  They are also attracted to lights.


Centipedes can be found outside under stones, boards or sticks, or beneath most leaf litter and other organic matter.  When disturbed, centipedes move swiftly toward darkened hiding places.  When they are found in homes, they are often found in moist basements, damp closets and in bathrooms.  If they are plentiful, there may be an underlying moisture problem that should be corrected.


Treatments for earwigs and centipedes are generally applied on the outside of the home, but in cases of heavy infestation, they can be applied indoors as well.


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