Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control Macomb MI 48042: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control proudly offers residential and commercial lawn fertilization services, weed control services and lawn insect control throughout Macomb County MI and adjacent communities.  We also offer preventative and curative insect control.


Here are some tips to get your lawn off to a good start:


Once the snow melts, start the spring cleanup. Even if more snow is forecast in March and April, begin your spring cleanup! When the temperatures creep up, your lawn is starting to grow. 


Rake your lawn in the early spring. Use a plastic leaf rake to “stimulate” your lawn in March or April. Make sure the ground is not “mushy.” The first one on the block that rakes, usually has the greenest lawn in the spring months. But there's another good reason for a spring raking. Walk over the lawn, and if you see any “grayish” matted patches, this is a condition known as “snow mold.” Snow mold is caused by a fungus that is active over the winter underneath the snow. Snow mold usually does not kill your grass; it just makes it look bad. Why did you get snow mold? You may not have mowed your lawn short enough in the fall, or there was A WHOLE LOT OF SNOW sitting on your lawn all winter. Whatever the reason, a light raking helps the grass plant “outgrow” the issue.


Mow your lawn early, but as stated previously, make sure that the lawn is not “mushy.” The first mowing should be a nice short mowing, make sure that you do not scalp the lawn. Start with a small pass and adjust the blade up if you are hitting dirt. You may even have to adjust your mower setting on the back lawn at a different setting than the front lawn if you have a hilly or a “rolling” lawn. That first mowing stimulates the grass plants and your lawn will green up sooner.


Apply Crabgrass Control. Mid-March is the best time to control crabgrass because it will not be up and growing yet. The crabgrass control products are herbicides that are pre-emergents. That means the maximum benefit is to apply the herbicide before the plant germinates.

Remember to start a regular fertilization and weed control for the annual weeds when the night temperatures are above freezing.

Watch for insects in April or May. Insects are not active during the cold months. Walk your lawn periodically and call Liberty Services of America, Inc. if you see odd patches or bare spots.  You may have insect activity. The lawn specialists at Liberty Services in Fraser, Michigan in Macomb County can help you have a luscious lawn all season long.

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