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Here are some helpful tips to deal with snow mold in your lawn:

Snow mold is a lawn disease that may occur anytime from late fall until early spring when temperatures range from 28 to 45 degrees.  An excessive amount of moisture, or melting snow, must be present.  Snow mold is more likely to occur on grass that was too tall as it entered the winter.  The long, matted-down blades of grass provide an ideal environment for the snow mold.  Damage is most severe when snow covers the grass for a long period of time.


Gray snow mold is more common on home lawns.  Pink snow mold is usually confined to golf course putting greens.  Gray snow mold can spread to form large diseased areas.  Grass within these areas becomes matted, closely pressed to the ground, and often is completely destroyed.




The matted areas of grass should be loosened to improve air circulation.  A good raking with a flexible leaf rake will fluff the grass to allow this.  If you find the grass so long that it will not stand up (3 or more inches), you can mow it to remove the extra-long blades, which are contributing to the problem.  With proper fertilization and follow-up maintenance, the lawn should recover without needing any reseeding.




Mow your lawn short in the fall, and keep mowing it as long as it needs it.  (This may be until almost Thanksgiving.)


Also remember that an early raking and short mowing in March (weather permitting) will greatly improve your lawn's appearance and correct problems related to snow mold.  DO NOT BEGIN MOWING, HOWEVER, IF THE GROUND IS STILL SATURATED.


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