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Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control offers residential and commercial lawn fertilization and weed control throughout Macomb County, eastern Oakland County, and the Grosse Pointes.


We use only high quality products to give you a lawn you will be proud of:


Early Spring: Wake up your lawn, improve color, and promote a dense turf. You may notice brown patches on your lawn. This may be snow mold. It’s usually present this time of the year. Rake your lawn with a nice stiff rake, and this will result in a healthy start for your lawn.


Spring: Spring is in full swing now! It’s time to make your lawn healthy and green. Of course, we'll take care of those unwanted weeds. It’s very important to start the year off right. Always mow your lawn with a sharp blade and at the right height. The first mowing should be a short mowing. Then the “right” height for the rest of the summer is the highest setting on your mower.


Early Summer: It’s that time of the year when we get those hot sweltering days. To keep your lawn nice and green here’s a few easy tips. The products we use work great when the lawn is cut at the right height… and with a sharp blade. Watering properly is a very important step in keeping your lawn healthy.


Summer: This is the time of the year we make sure your lawn has enough vitamins and nutrients, and any nagging weeds will be taken care of. Proper watering and mowing are still critical.


Early Fall: Fall is best time of the year to encourage proper plant development, increase root growth, and increase turf density. Aeration and seeding should be done before Labor Day. A thick lawn always reduces weed growth. It’s time for the last mowing, set the mower for a short mowing, but make sure not to scalp the grass plant!


Winterizer: This is a critical stage! A high-nitrogen application will build up the root system in your lawn for the following year. That’s what the “winterizer” application does all winter long… and you will see the benefits in the Spring!


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Also offering insect control for your lawn. Early curative and preventative control are both available.



For the best lawn care, plan ahead!

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Lawn fertilization and weed control for residential and commercial properties.  Your satisfaction is our goal!


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