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Autumn in Michigan: Tips for Yard and Lawn Maintenance


As the summer months wind down, we tend to put yard and lawn care on the back burner until the spring blossoms appear again. However, autumn is the perfect time to give your lawn and landscaping a healthy start in the spring by managing the following tasks.

Feed your lawn. Think of fall fertilization as a means to recharge your lawn after a long, hot summer. This will help maintain your lawn’s root health and replenish nutrients that were expended in summer months. Fall feedings should be timed when plants are still absorbing nutrients, so don’t wait too long. Fall feeding can take place beginning on Labor Day or into early October.

Remember to water. Before retiring your sprinklers for the season, remember that thriving plants are still thirsty. Water early in the day to avoid evaporation and disease development, and water deep. When you see moisture soak into the soil of container plants and beds, apply another dose.

Air out the soil. Thatch build-up and foot traffic can compact soil, which cuts off the supply of oxygen and nutrients  to the roots. Aeration loosens soil and literally airs out the earth. Soil plugs that are removed can be left on the lawn - they will eventually break down and provide nutrients to your lawn. Balding turf, matted-down grass, sparse new growth, pools of water and tough ground are signs that you need to aerate.

Pick up leaves. Fall cleanup will save time for springtime gardening, and clearing your lawn of leaves and sticks will prevent the heavy wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Dark, moist environments are breeding grounds for disease. 

Mow low. Make the last mowing of the season a short cut.

Divide plants. If your perennials are overcrowded, fall is an ideal time to divide the root ball and replant. Cutting back the plants prior to transplanting can help reduce shock.

Decorate for the holidays. Fall is the time to think festive. Draw attention to your landscape with lighting, and find ways to incorporate a pop of color by filling containers with seasonal selections - mums are great for fall!

Plant fall bulbs. Plant in fall to enjoy spring’s first blooms - crocus, daffodil, tulip. The best time to plant is after the first frost so the bulbs will stay cool all winter. Dig holes for bulbs and fertilize before replacing soil.


Clean up. Wash down the patio furniture and store it for the season. Make sure to pick up toys so they don’t get buried or lost.

(Article source: Weed Man)