Fall Lawn Care Tips from Liberty Services

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While most people know that spring and summer are important seasons for taking care of their lawns, did you know that the fall is just as important? Here are a few tips for fall lawn care that will help keep your lawn healthy all year long:

Mowing Your Lawn:
It's OK to mow shorter for the last cut in the fall.  Just be careful not to scalp the lawn.  Let the clippings lie -- they break down and become fertilizer and nutrients for your lawn.


Mulch Your Leaves:
Leaves can help enrich your lawn’s soil by providing organic matter. As leaves fall onto your lawn, mulch them into smaller pieces by running over them several times with your lawn mower.  Excessive quantities, however, must be removed from the lawn to prevent damage or disease.  Instead, add the surplus leaves to flower beds or other areas where grass and weeds are unwanted.


Help Your Lawn “Breathe”:
A part of having a healthy lawn is allowing air, water and nutrients to reach down into the soil and feed the grass roots. Having less compacted soil will also allow water to soak into the ground and help plant roots grow stronger and deeper into the soil.  You can help your lawn “breathe” via core aeration, and fall is the perfect season to do this.


Pest and Weed Problems:

Homeowners that follow healthy lawn care practices will have fewer weed and pest problems. If you must treat for weeds or other pest problems, it's important to know exactly what plant or pest you are trying to eliminate and use a product designed to treat that specific problem. Also, make sure you are treating for the problem during the appropriate time of year.


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(Article source: www.crwc.org)