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Here are some tips to help you control indoor pollution.


Our homes become contaminated from a number of sources.  Consider the following:


-- poisons we track indoors on our shoes

-- vapors from the products we use

-- our living habits

-- pet excrement, hair and skin cells

-- dust

-- residue from cooking vapors


To help control indoor pollutants, try incorporating these habits into your daily routine:


1. Do NOT wear street shoes in your home. This one practice will greatly reduce indoor contamination and maintenance cost — time, money, and labor — as well as prolong carpet life.


2. Restrict the consumption of all food to appropriate eating areas that can be more easily and frequently cleaned such as the kitchen or dining room.


3. When you clean, keep in mind that you are doing so for health reasons, not just for aesthetics. The purpose of vacuuming is not only to remove harsh particles that can damage carpet and furnishings, but also to remove cancer-causing heavy metals that are tracked in.   And don't forget about the food sources for bacteria and dust mites that are embedded in the fibers, such as insect fragments and skin cells, which we (and pets) shed continually.


Therefore, as you vacuum, move the machine slowly no faster than one lineal foot per second, and vacuum the same area from different directions.  This will give you optimal results for your efforts.



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