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Here are some spring cleaning tips from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC) to help start the season refreshed.


With April showers and May flowers come dust and pollen that can leave your home in desperate need of a seasonal makeover.  Spring cleaning may not be one’s idea of fun in the sun, but The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has a few tips to make cleaning a breeze.


1. Clean efficiently. Finish one room before moving on to the next. Work left to right and top to bottom to avoid repetition and to keep from spreading dust.

2. Use highquality vacuum equipment. A HEPA‐type filter bag and brush agitation is more important considerations than the vacuum’s price. A good vacuum should easily remove dust and particles before they become embedded in the carpet. Replace bags when 2⁄3 full.

3. HVAC filters. Use quality electrostatic filters that attract particles to the filter. To keep filters in top shape, clean once per month.


Upholstery Maintenance Checklist

1. Use arm covers and rotate seat cushions frequently.

2. Brush routinely to remove dust and particle soil to enhance appearance and prolong life.

3. Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly and carefully.

4. Treat spots or spills immediately with plain water or neutral spotters.

5. Have the fabric professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months.


Things to Remember when Cleaning Furniture

1. Leather and vinyl are as different as day and night. Many leathers will absorb stains and cleaning agents to discolor permanently. Not necessarily so with vinyl. Most spills don’t penetrate and can be blotted up with a dry cloth or wiped off with a damp one using a mild detergent solution.

2. When cleaning wicker and cane, most has a protective lacquer or paint coating. Therefore, it usually resists staining. Blot and damp wipe with a mild detergent. But be careful – over wetting can cause distortion problems or damage.

3. Know the difference between “ultra‐suede” and real suede: Ultra‐suede is made of polyester and it’s very colorfast and easily cleaned. It may be best to retain the use of a professional leather dry cleaner when treating actual leather suede.


For Professional Cleaning Jobs (Carpet and Upholstery)

Reliable & Professional Cleaning Firms …

1. have liability insurance.

2. comply with the licensing requirements of local, state and federal authorities.

3. have specifically trained and certified technicians on staff.

4. require its management and employees to engage in formal training programs and continuing education.

5. offer pre‐cleaning estimates, consulting and inspections.

6. provide firm and fair post‐inspection prices.

7. supply references.

8. are members of trade associations.

9. employ a courteous and professional staff.


Why Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

1. They understand the principles of cleaning and the properties of the many fabrics used on upholstery.

2. They use proper extraction equipment and procedures to ensure that soil is not just redistributed, but removed.

3. They help prevent costly mistakes.

4. Do‐It‐Yourself upholstery cleaning can lead to ruined fabric.


What Should You Expect from a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Firm?

1. Courteous and professional technicians.

2. Thorough pre‐inspections of all areas that need cleaning.

3. Evaluations of fabrics and recommendations of appropriate cleaning methods.

4. Detailed, accurate estimates of work and firm pricing.

5. Itemized listing of services before work begins.

6. Appropriate safety precautions.

7. Written workmanship guarantees.



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