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Liberty Services of America, Inc.  provides professional Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning services throughout Macomb County, eastern Oakland County, and the Grosse Pointes MI.  Residential and CommercialCall 586-294-3111 today to schedule an appointment to make your home cleaner and healthier!


Don't Let Your Carpet be "Haunted" by These Gross Things...


Pollens, molds, house dust, carcinogens, dirt, soil, dust mite feces, and whatever you've been tracking in off the street...  Need I say more?


That nice fluffy carpet under your feet, the one your pets play on, the same one your children roll around on... and the one you like to lay on while watching a good movie-- it's due to be cleaned at least every 6-12 months.  And with the offer I'm going to make...


You Don't Have to be Afraid Anymore of What's "Lurking" in your Carpet...


Because I'm going to come in and destroy those mini-monsters in your carpet with my powerful steam-cleaning machine.  And, I'll clean out all the other gross stuff that you don't want to think about being in your carpet.  You'll be left to live with a clean, fresh, healthy carpet that everyone can enjoy.


So pick up the phone and call me at (586) 291-3111.  Choose an appointment time that works for you.  Take advantage of our...


"Screaming" Deal of the Season!

Free Carpet Cleaning!

Have 3 Rooms of Carpet Cleaned by October 31, 2017 &

Receive One Room Cleaned Free! (Up to a $50 Value!)

Call Liberty Services Carpet Cleaning at (586) 294-3111

Not valid with other offers.  Free room will be the smallest of the four rooms.

Free room size maximum limit 100 square feet.