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-Carpenter ants are among the largest ants found in the United States, ranging from 1/8- to ½-inch long (queens are slightly bigger).

-Carpenter ants are commonly black; however, some species are red and black, solid red or brown.

-All workers are wingless.

-Depending on the species, mature colonies range in size from several thousand workers to tens of thousands of workers.

-Carpenter ants actively feed at night, well after sunset, continuing through the early morning hours.

-The appearance of large numbers of winged adults inside a structure indicates that nests exist indoors.



Carpenter ants are social insects that usually nest in wood. They commonly excavate galleries or tunnels in rotting or sound trees and, in structures, readily infest wood, foam insulation and cavities. Hey prefer to excavate wood damaged by fungus and are often found in conjunction with moisture problems. Carpenter ants feed on sugar solutions from honey dew-producing insects they capture. Carpenter ants enter structures through gaps or cracks while foraging for food. Workers push wood shavings and pieces of foam insulation out of the nest through slit-like openings in the surface of the wood or other nesting site material.



Carpenter ant control can be difficult and thus, requires an integrated approach, which involves moisture elimination, removing overhanging tree limbs, stumps and firewood, and mechanical alterations to prevent entry. It is important to locate the source of the ants. Areas where water leaks occur, particularly the roof, soffits, bathroom and kitchen, should be inspected. The most complete control is accomplished when the nests are treated with a residual spray or dust. This may involve drilling holes in hollow doors, wall voids, ceiling voids, etc., which these ants exploit for nesting sites.


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