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Centipedes are elongated, flattened arthropods with numerous legs – one pair per body segment. Most centipedes can be found under boards, logs, rocks and other protected, damp locations outside.

The house centipede, believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region, was introduced into Mexico and the Southern United States and has increased its distribution. Unable to survive winters outdoors in cold climates, it can be found in many buildings throughout the United States and readily reproduces in heated structures.


The house centipede has been characterized as being secretive in nature, partly due to its darting movements.  An adult centipede has 15 pair of legs with the last pair (on adult females) nearly twice the length of the body, which is one to one and one-half inches in length. This gives the centipede an overall appearance of being from three to four inches in length (including legs and antennae). The legs are banded light and dark, and the body is a dirty yellow with three longitudinal, dark stripes. Newly hatched larvae have four pair of legs and develop more as they mature.


Females have been known to survive for several years and produce numerous offspring (maximum of 150). During the daytime, centipedes inhabit dark, damp locations in the home and come out at night to forage for prey.

House centipedes feed on silverfish, firebrats, carpet beetle larvae, cockroaches, spiders and other small arthropods. If house centipedes are seen frequently, this indicates that some prey arthropod is in abundance, and may signify a greater problem than the presence of the centipedes.

Locations within structures that have been known to provide safe harborage for house centipedes include:

Beneath concrete slabs – the centipedes enter the house through expansion cracks, around sump pump openings or other breaks in slab integrity;

Inside cement block walls – the centipedes can enter through uncapped blocks, missing mortar between blocks and around pipes where they pass through the walls;

In floor drains without water traps – especially those drains that are connected to dry sumps;

Under and in cardboard boxes that are stored on slabs;

In any damp, cool location, such as unexcavated areas (crawl spaces) under the house.

 (Article source:  Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, Steve Jacobs, Sr. Extension Associate)


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