Benefits of Stone Epoxy Flooring in Basements in Michigan

Stone Epoxy Flooring is the best floor covering for concrete basement floors, especially basements that are humid, wet, damp or flood-prone. It is the only floor covering solution engineered to permanently transform your basement into a beautiful, dry living area, plus it is environmentally friendly. With many popular colors to choose from, you can create a look that complements the rest of your home!


This stone epoxy floor system is a specially formulated, patent-pending product, which is the secret to its beauty, performance, and longevity. Carpeting, wood, tile, paint, and vinyl don’t allow concrete to breathe naturally and can trap moisture between the concrete and the underside of the floor covering, causing mold and mildew. Eventually the flooring will need to be replaced. However, a stone epoxy floor allows moisture to continuously evaporate because of the intentional hydrostatic ports formed into the flooring during installation. The result is a permanent floor covering that will never need to be replaced and will resist the growth of mold and mildew even in damp or wet conditions.


Here are some advantages to having stone epoxy flooring in your basement:


 1. Dramatically adds beauty to your basement

 2. Variety of colors and design choices

 3. Comfortable to walk on – even with bare feet

 4. Superior insulation with “R” Value rating

 5. Corrects uneven, cracked, and stained concrete

 6. Safe and slip-resistant, passed American Disabilities Act (ADA) for friction

 7. Eliminates puddling or standing water

 8. Water, moisture, and even flooding will not damage

 9. Anti-microbial agent prohibits growth of mold and mildew

10. No trapped-in moisture – specifically engineered hydrostatic ports allow moisture/water to evaporate and allow concrete floors to breathe naturally

11. Outperforms and outlasts paint and other coatings – won’t chip, peel, or bubble

12. Specifically engineered stone-to-epoxy mix ratio for maximum durability and longevity ½” to ¾’ thickness for maximum strength and durability

13. Eliminates surface deterioration and damage from household cleaners

14. Cleans easily — just use a broom, vacuum, or damp mop

15. Specially engineered epoxy allows concrete floor to breathe

16. FDA – approved materials

17. LEED certified – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

18. Environmentally friendly – U.S. Green Building Council Member


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