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Stone Epoxy Flooring is the most beautiful decorative covering for concrete. It is designed to be strong and durable, adding beauty to your home. In fact, stone epoxy flooring is often used to cover up cracked, peeling, and stained concrete which avoids costly and messy tear outs.


One of the hottest trends in home decorating focuses on upgrading the garage. Many homeowners have come to use their garage as a main entrance to their home and want it to reflect the quality of their home while others simply need to cover up old, cracked, stained and salt-pitted concrete.


Stone epoxy flooring uses a specially formulated, patent-pending system that is the secret to its strength and longevity for garage floor applications where a beautiful, durable, and easy-maintenance floor is desired. Unlike paint, which doesn’t allow concrete to breathe, causing premature peeling and chipping, a stone epoxy floor applied directly over the existing concrete is permanent and will never need to be replaced.


Here are some advantages to having stone epoxy flooring inside your garage:


1. Dramatically adds beauty to the appearance of your garage

2. Variety of colors and design choices

3. Reduces tracked-in dirt

4. Corrects uneven, cracked, and stained concrete

5. Safe and slip-resistant, passed American Disabilities Act (ADA) for friction

6. Eliminates puddling or standing water

7. Water, moisture, and even flooding will not damage

8. Anti-microbial agent prohibits growth of mold and mildew

9. No trapped-in moisture – specifically engineered hydrostatic ports allow moisture/water to evaporate and allow concrete floors to breathe naturally

10. Outperforms and outlasts paint and other coatings – won’t chip, peel, or bubble

11. Specifically engineered stone-to-epoxy mix ratio for maximum durability and longevity ½” to ¾’ thickness for maximum strength and durability

12. Eliminates salt damage, oil stains, and surface deterioration

13. Withstands extreme temperature changes

14. Cleans easily — just use a broom, vacuum, hose, or damp mop

15. Specially engineered epoxy allows concrete floor to breathe

16. FDA – approved materials

17. LEED certified – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

18. Environmentally friendly – U.S. Green Building Council Member

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