Bee and Wasp Control Shelby Twp 48315 48316 48317 and Macomb 48042: Tips to Help Avoid the Sting

Liberty Services of America, Inc. dba Spider Man Pest Control  586-294-3111 provides professional extermination services in Macomb County, eastern Oakland County,  the Grosse Pointes, and up the coast to Algonac and Harsens Island in St. Clair County. 


We offer solutions for Spider ControlAnt ControlMosquito Control, and Stinging Insect ControlTo help reduce the odds of stings this season, consider the following tips:


1. Keep food covered

Have you ever been to an outdoor gathering where bees are swarming around the table of hamburgers, chips and fruit? Stinging insects are attracted to exposed food and open garbage cans. To avoid an unwanted encounter with a yellow jacket or bee during a picnic or cookout, cover all food when outside and be sure to keep tight fitting lids on trash bins.

2. Avoid excessive use of fragrances

Yellow jackets and other stinging insects are attracted to sweet-smelling fragrances. If spending long periods of time outdoors, avoid excessive use of perfume or cologne. When possible, also choose unscented shampoos, soaps, lotions and sunscreen.

3. Adjust your wardrobe

Avoid wearing dark colors and floral prints, since these patterns are known to attract stinging insects. It's also important to wear closed-toe shoes, especially in grassy areas as bumblebees and some hornets often nest there.

4. Remain calm, cool and collected

If a stinging insect is flying nearby, many people's first reaction is to either swat the insect away or flail their arms in panic. However, these movements may actually provoke an attack. Do not swat the pest, but rather remain calm, slowly walk from the area and it should fly away with causing any harm. If you do get stung, carefully remove the stinger and seek medical attention, as reactions can be severe in some cases.

5. Contact a pest professional

If a nest is found on the property, keep yourself and other members of the family away and do not attempt to remove it on your own. Depending on the species, a nest could contain hundreds (if not thousands) of stinging insects, which could swarm and sting en masse if they are disturbed or feel threatened. Instead, contact a licensed pest professional who will be able to identify the species and provide the appropriate stinging insect treatment.


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