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Ants live in colonies that consist of an egg-laying female (queen), short-lived males, and workers (sterile females).  The workers are the ones you see in your garden or kitchen, looking for food sources.  When they find food, they communicate with other workers by leaving a scent (trail pheromone) as they return to the nest so that other ants will find the food at the end of the trail.


Part of the reason that ants become a nuisance is that they often like the same kinds of food that we do.  They enjoy a wide range of flavors:  sweet, greasy, starchy.  They also like wood and many types of plant and animal materials. 


Although good sanitation to eliminate food sources is very important to controlling ants in the home, this alone may not be enough.  The best results are usually achieved by a combination of good sanitation practices, bait treatments and insecticides. 


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