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There are various types of ants prevalent in our area.  Here is some info on the peskiest ones:


Odorous House Ant.  This ant gets its name from the smell of coconut or fruity pungent odor emitted when the ants are crushed.  They enter a structure through the basement, crawlspace, or even through cracks in an concrete slab and infest walls, or areas under or above living spaces.  If ants find insulation, moisture, and a food source, they have hit the ant jackpot.  Food, water, or a place to hide is all that these ants need to establish themselves and do very well.


Odorous house ants are small, usually dark ants.  They have been known to travel 100 feet from the nest, and each nest can have up to 100,000 ants.  The odorous house ant usually is not aggressive, but they will seek food and make great efforts to keep the food supplies coming back to the nest.


Odorous house ants are not fussy about their food source.  They are sometimes referred to as "sweet ants" or "sugar ants," but they will eat other things.  They will eat sweet foods as well as protein and fatty foods.


Pavement AntThese are hardworking ants that can be found between the cracks on a sidewalk, patio, or driveway.  They look similar to an odorous house ant but do not behave the same.


The pavement ants are not as common as odorous house ants, and they enter structures in great numbers.  Once their pheromone or scent trails are established, they generally won't leave without some encouragement.  This is especially true if there are food sources.


In the fall, the pavement ants' activity will peak, and the population will be at its highest level.  You might see little piles of fine dirt on the outside areas between cracks or they might excavate in walls.


The best way to keep ants from taking over is to have a pest management professional do a thorough inspection of any area that may have ants.  If you do find ants, capture a sample in a small bottle or zipped baggie.  The technician can then identify the type of ant and prescribe the best treatment.  If you see ants, DO NOT spray household insecticide, as it will destroy the evidence that the technician must observe to get control of the colony.  Instead, contact us immediately. 


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